To welcome year 2013 we are releasing new and improved version of Quart.NET! This release contains important bug fixes, new functionality and minor breaking changes.

  • C5 depedency is now internalized and allows you to use whatever version you want outside of Quartz.
  • Custom IJobFactory implementations now need to implement new method void ReturnJob(IJob job) for container managed cleanup.
  • NthIncludedDayTrigger was removed as it was accidentally left behind even though being legacy and replaced by DailyTimeIntervalTrigger.


  • TimeZone support for calendars / Andrew Smith
  • Allow scheduling relative to replaced trigger with XML configuration
  • Add method to IJobFactory to destroy a job instance created by the factory breaking / minor breaking, added new required method
  • Internalize C5 dependency
  • Support for Oracle ODP 11.2 Release 4
  • Upgrade SQLite dependency to version 1.0.83
  • Upgrade to Common.Logging 2.1.2


  • Scheduled Shutdown blocked even if waitForJobsToComplete is false
  • DailyTimeIntervalTriggerImpl should be serializable
  • InstanceID = "AUTO" may cause "String or binary data would be truncated" error on qrtz_fired_triggers.entry_id
  • PlugInExample doesn't execute any jobs
  • Recovering triggers have empty/incorrect JobDataMap
  • Make Quartz.NET work under medium trust when running .NET 3.5
  • tables_oracle.sql uses deprecated VARCHAR type
  • Improve error reporting for database connection failure
  • Scheduler Shutdown Freezes when There are Jobs Still Running
  • Use System.Version instead of FileVersionInfo to retive current Quartz version
  • DailyTimeIntervalTriggerImpl Validate broken


  • Remove NthIncludedDayTrigger that was supposed to be removed in 2.0
  • Remove Visual Studio 2008 solutions and projects
  • Add support for DateTimeOffset and TimeSpan to JobDataMap / minor breaking - cleanup of API

Special thanks to Andrew Smith for working hard on TimeZone support. Credits go also to our vibrant community actively helping on mailing list and reporting issues and creating pull requests.

See download and installation instructions.