This release contains mainly bug fixes but because there's a behavioral change in DST handling (for the better) that warrants for a minor version number increment.

See the GitHub issue (opens new window) for details.


  • Jobs get stuck in the Blocked state after the DB connection is lost in NotifyJobListenersComplete (#282)
  • Oracle rownum based queries can work wrong after Oracle SQL tuning task has ran (#413)
  • Handle DST better (#317)
  • RAMJobStore fails to resume when paused without triggers (#433)
  • CronExpression doesn't properly check the range when an "/interval" is specified (#432)
  • Fix JobDataMap dirty flag when constructing from existing map (#431)
  • Store triggers by job in RAMJobStore for better performance (#430)
  • Create WorkerThread in virtual method (#426)
  • SqlSelectJobForTrigger is not using primary key join and causes index scan (#407)
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