Addition of column required to database

  • This release fixes a long standing issue, DailyTimeIntervalTrigger's time zone is now finally persisted to database
  • This requires running schema_25_to_26_upgrade.sql (opens new window) to add new column to QRTZ_SIMPROP_TRIGGERS table

A slight performance boost can also be unlocked when using PostgreSQL by switching PostgreSqlDelegate.


  • Add support for eager validation of job scheduling XML file on plugin start (#492)
  • Add support for extra custom time zone resolver function in TimeZoneUtil (#290)


  • CalendarIntervalTrigger's first fire time doesn't consider time zone (#505)
  • QRTZ_FIRED_TRIGGERS.ENTRY_ID column length too small (#474)
  • Decrease log level for message when host name is too long (#471)
  • Quartz should not log transient faults related to azure db connection as errors (#470)
  • RemotingSchedulerExporter can't create remoting channel on Mono (#464)
  • Regression in 2.5, TriggerBuilder.UsingJobData(JobDataMap newJobDataMap) should ovewrite existing (#460)
  • QuartzScheduler.Clear does not clear QRTZ_FIRED_TRIGGERS table (#437)
  • No wait time between db connection failures with AcquireNextTriggers (#428)
  • DailyTimeIntervalTriggerImpl prevents altering EndTimeOfDay to a later time of day (#382)
  • Quartz.CronExpression.IsSatisfiedBy claims to ignore milliseconds but doesn't (#349)
  • Add back PostgreSqlDelegate to support database LIMIT in trigger acquiring (#318)
  • Bug in XSD schema: cannot set IgnoreMisfirePolicy (#280)
  • Quartz.Xml.XMLSchedulingDataProcessor uses GetType() instead of typeof(Quartz.Xml.XMLSchedulingDataProcessor) (#277)
  • With SQLite default isolation level should be set to serializable (#242)
  • DailyTimeIntervalTrigger's time zone is not persisted into database (#136)
  • XMLSchedulingDataProcessorPlugin incompatible with StdAdoDelegate when useProperties=true (#44)
  • Trigger loop encountered using DailyTimeIntervalTrigger across DST start boundary (#332)
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