This is the third alpha of v3. APIs have had some love in form of adding CancellationToken support and using more IReadOnlyCollection<T>s more concisely. Unfortunately we still don't have the story done for remote management support (HTTP API).

When using AdoJobStore: make sure to run both 2.6 and 3.0 SQL migration scripts if you are upgrading from 2.5, otherwise just 3.0 migration script


  • support for .NET Standard 2.0 preview (#486)
  • support for MySQL on .NET Standard via provider 'MySql' (#493)
  • change SQL database IMAGE types to VARBINARY - requires migration schema_26_to_30.sql
  • add ISchedulerListener.JobInterrupted(JobKey jobKey, CancellationToken cancellationToken) (#467)


  • fix PosgreSQL db provider configuration for .NET Core (#449)
  • CancellationToken is now supported in async methods (#444)
  • fix regression with XML schema validation


  • possibly breaking, cron expression validation is now stricter (#315 #485)
  • .NET 4.6 required instead of old 4.5
  • API methods have been revisited to mainly use IReadOnlyCollection<T>, this hides both HashSet<T>s and List<T>s
  • LibLog has been hidden as internal (ILog etc), like it was originally intended to be


  • Issues with time zone ids between Windows and Linux, they use different ids for the same zone
  • No remoting support
  • Documentation lacking

Check NuGet for pre-release packages.