The wait is over, Quartz.NET 3.0 is here with .NET Core support and async/await!

A big thank you goes to Mike Rousos (opens new window) who really made it possible to get Quartz.NET working on .NET Core. Daniel Marbach (opens new window) also contributed a lot with ideas and code to async side. And of course never forgetting the community members that have provided feedback and fixes.

Please see the migration guide.


  • Task based jobs with async/await support, internals work in async/await manner
  • Support .NET Core / netstandard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.5.2 and later
  • Support for Microsoft.Data.Sqlite via provider name SQLite-Microsoft, the old provider SQLite also still works
  • Added preliminary support for SQL Server Memory-Optimized tables and Quartz.Impl.AdoJobStore.UpdateLockRowSemaphoreMOT
  • Common.Logging removed from dependencies
  • C5 Collections removed from ILMerge process, no longer needed
  • Add support for eager validation of job scheduling XML file on plugin start
  • Add support for extra custom time zone resolver function in TimeZoneUtil


  • Jobs and plugins are now in a separate assemblies/NuGet packages Quartz.Jobs and Quartz.Plugins
  • ADO.NET provider names have been simplified, the provider names are without version, e.g. SqlServer-20 => SqlServer
  • API methods have been revisited to mainly use IReadOnlyCollection<T>, this hides both HashSet<T>s and List<T>s
  • LibLog has been hidden as internal (ILog etc), like it was originally intended to be
  • SimpleThreadPool is gone, old owned threads are gone
  • Scheduler methods have been changed to be Task based, remember to await them
  • IJob interface now returns a task
  • Some IList properties have been changed to IReadOnlyList to properly reflect intent
  • SQL Server CE support has been dropped
  • DailyCalendar uses now datetimes for excluded dates and has ISet interface to access them
  • IObjectSerializer has new method, void Initialize(), that has to be implemented
  • IInterruptableJob removed in favor of context's CancellationToken


  • Issues with time zone ids between Windows and Linux, they use different ids for the same zone
  • No remoting support for .NET Core
See download and installation instructions.