# Quartz.NET 3.1 beta 2 Released

The wait is almost over, after more than two years of hiatus, Quartz.NET 3.1 beta 2 is here with exciting new features. This release builds on top of beta 1 adding more fixes and improvements. Read the beta 1 release notes to know more.

# Known Issues

The documentation for the new integration features is still being worked on.

# GitHub Issues


  • DI configuration now supports adding scheduler, job and trigger listeners (#877)
  • DI configuration now processes appsettings.json section "Quartz" looking for key value pairs (#877)
  • Use Microsoft.Data.SqlClient as SQL Server connection library (#839)


  • Fix potential scheduler deadlock caused by changed lock request id inside ExecuteInNonManagedTXLock (#794)
  • Ensure NuGet.exe is part of produced zip to ensure build works (#881)
  • JobDataMap with enum values persisted as JSON can now be set back to job members via PropertySettingJobFactory (#770)
  • Ensure GetScheduleBuilder for triggers respects IgnoreMisfirePolicy (#750)
  • Remove cron expression validation from XML schema and rely on CronExpression itself (#729)
See download and installation instructions.