This is a maintenance release containing mostly bug fixes.

MS dependency injection job factory configuration was unified and you can now configure relevant options like whether to create a separate scope with using just the UseMicrosoftDependencyInjectionJobFactory and its callback. Now scoped jobs also get their properties set from job data map.

Pre-configuring Quartz options from appsettings.json with services.Configure<QuartzOptions>(Configuration.GetSection("Quartz")); now also works as expected.

# GitHub Issues


  • Make QuartzOptions Triggers and JobDetails public (#981)
  • Fix configuration system injection for dictionary/quartz.jobStore.misfireThreshold in DI (#983)
  • XMLSchedulingDataProcessor can cause IOException due to file locking (#993)


  • Unify MS dependency injection job factory logic and configuration (#995)
  • Improve job dispatch performance to reduce latency before hitting Execute (RAMJobStore) (#996)
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