This release is a maintenance release with couple of bug fixes. The most important fix for this release is that now Quartz distinguishes between external code task cancellation (say HttpClient) and job cancellation triggered by using the Quartz API's Interrupt method. Earlier Quartz incorrectly considered also other OperationCanceledExceptions as clean instead of being errors.

# GitHub Issues


  • JobRunShell silently handles OperationCanceledException which is not correct in terms of job retry handling (#1064)
  • Handled exceptions thrown while retrieving the misfired trigger (#1040)
  • FileScanJob is faling after upgrading from 3.0.7 to 3.2.3 (#1027)
  • JobBuilder.UsingJobData(string key, string value) should be JobBuilder.UsingJobData(string key, string? value) (#1025)
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