• Allow PersistJobDataAfterExecution and ConcurrentExecutionDisallowed to be explicitly set in JobBuilder and pulled up to IJobConfigurator (#1575)
  • Add TryGet functions to JobDataMap and StringKeyDirtyFlagMap (#1592)
  • Add UseMySqlConnector overload for DB configuration (#1621)
  • Validate database schema during scheduler initialization (#1716)
  • Support DataSource name configuration (#1710)
  • Add "UsePersistentStore where T : IJobStore" in DI Extension (#1715)


  • Make RAMJobStore.RemoveJobInternal return true even if job has no triggers (#1580)
  • Configuration property quartz.jobStore.dbRetryInterval will be correctly set when constructing the Scheduler JobStore.
  • If you previously had configuration with the key quartz.scheduler.dbFailureRetryInterval please change to the above mentioned key.
  • DailyCalendar doesn't include first and last millisecond of day in checks (#1665)
  • StdSchedulerFactory and derived factories are not thread-safe (#1587)
  • Change QuartzOptions to inherit from Dictionary<string, string?> instead of NameValueCollection to fix Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration 7 RC integration (#1748)


  • Reduce scheduler initialization logging noise (#1752)
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