SchedulerListeners are much like ITriggerListeners and IJobListeners, except they receive notification of events within the scheduler itself - not necessarily events related to a specific trigger or job.

Scheduler-related events include: the addition of a job/trigger, the removal of a job/trigger, a serious error within the scheduler, notification of the scheduler being shutdown, and others.

The ISchedulerListener Interface

    public interface ISchedulerListener
        void JobScheduled(Trigger trigger);
        void JobUnscheduled(string triggerName, string triggerGroup);
        void TriggerFinalized(Trigger trigger);
        void TriggersPaused(string triggerName, string triggerGroup);
        void TriggersResumed(string triggerName, string triggerGroup);
        void JobsPaused(string jobName, string jobGroup);
        void JobsResumed(string jobName, string jobGroup);
        void SchedulerError(string msg, SchedulerException cause);
        void SchedulerShutdown();

ISchedulerListener instances are created and registered in much the same way as the other listener types, except there is no distinction between global and non-global listeners. Scheduler listeners can be virtually any object that implements the ISchedulerListener interface.