Quartz.OpenTracing (opens new window) provides integration with OpenTracing (opens new window). You may also consider Quartz.OpenTelemetry.Instrumentation package which will supercede OpenTracing and OpenCensus when OpenTelemetry project reaches maturity.


Quartz 3.2.3 or later required.


The integration library can still live a bit and thus integration API can have breaking changes and change behavior.

# Installation

You need to add NuGet package reference to your project which uses Quartz.

Install-Package Quartz.OpenTracing

# Using

You can add Quartz configuration by invoking an extension method AddQuartzOpenTracing on IServiceCollection.

Example Startup.ConfigureServices configuration

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // make sure you configure logging and OpenTracing before Quartz services
    services.AddQuartzOpenTracing(options =>
        // these are the defaults
        options.ComponentName = "Quartz";
        options.IncludeExceptionDetails = false;