Scheduler Listeners

SchedulerListeners are much like ITriggerListeners and IJobListeners, except they receive notification of events within the scheduler itself - not necessarily events related to a specific trigger or job.

Scheduler-related events include: the addition of a job/trigger, the removal of a job/trigger, a serious error within the scheduler, notification of the scheduler being shutdown, and others.


Make sure your scheduler listeners never throw an exception (use a try-catch) and that they can handle internal problems. Quartz can get in unpredictable state when it is unable to determine whether required logic in listener was completed successfully when listener notification failed.

The ISchedulerListener Interface

public interface ISchedulerListener
 ValueTask JobScheduled(Trigger trigger);

 ValueTask JobUnscheduled(string triggerName, string triggerGroup);

 ValueTask TriggerFinalized(Trigger trigger);

 ValueTask TriggersPaused(string triggerName, string triggerGroup);

 ValueTask TriggersResumed(string triggerName, string triggerGroup);

 ValueTask JobsPaused(string jobName, string jobGroup);

 ValueTask JobsResumed(string jobName, string jobGroup);

 ValueTask SchedulerError(string msg, SchedulerException cause);

 ValueTask SchedulerShutdown();

SchedulerListeners are registered with the scheduler's ListenerManager. SchedulerListeners can be virtually any object that implements the ISchedulerListener interface.

Adding a SchedulerListener:


Removing a SchedulerListener: